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Company History

How we started

JK ENERGIES TECHNOLOGY INC. has been around for more than 8 years and has already envisioned itself as a professional corporation that will and can provide the industrial and commercial industry with affordable and yet top of the line international quality products. Our company started to deal imported BOILER SPARE PARTS from KOREA back in 2010. From industrial fuses to various Korean made BOILER TUBES, the demand to supply various boiler spare parts in the Philippines continues to increase and paved the way to develop our relationship to our suppliers from not only from Korea, but as well as Japan.

JK ENERGIES is currently importing high quality boiler parts and controls as well as other materials for industrial and commercial application from USA, Australia, United Kingdom and South Korea. And with high regards from our partners, a recent deal was struck with TUBOS REUNIDOS from SPAIN to add with the existing products proudly offered by our company. JK ENERGIES believes in partnering with its ever growing lists of satisfied clients, we can open various opportunities and help grow these relationship into beneficial partnership. In today’s fast paced and growing economy here in the Philippines, we must contribute in the industry by helping each other so that we can both achieve in paving the future and cement our foundation towards an industrialized nation.


Mission and Vision

"Our mission is to find viable product solutions which specifically targets to improve the boiler technology in the Philippines.” In order to protect the things we enjoy today, we must continuously improve and strive to seek alternative ways to preserve it for the future. We, at JK ENERGIES believe that improving the state of technology in the Philippines by providing and seeking alternative technology and improvement of our process. We believe that conserving energy through effective is a great foundation not only for our business but also for our environment.

"Our vision is to provide and accommodate you and your company with the most reliable and high quality industrial products that will suffice your needs and standards in the fastest way possible.” We pride ourselves in giving various product solutions to the local industry such as food, textiles, hotels, and various manufacturing industry. With strict guidance, outmost faith and dedication we are proud to continue the legacy built by our principals and are committed in serving you our precious costumers by giving you high quality products with the most competitive price. Because we believe in these fast changing and competitive economy, every investment counts.


Growing Connections

“In line with our vision mission, we have select industry partners around the world to help us achieve your industrial needs” Our industry partners help us bring closer in achieving our vision and mission by improving the boiler technology and industry in the Philippines. These selected partner companies are leader in their respective industries which define the industry agenda and drive change towards the future. Whether from AUSTRALIA, UK, CHINA, KOREA, JAPAN or USA, we will continue and seek better and efficient technology around the world.